A World Where All Is Black and White

“Wink Under Water”

A large rainbow trout intercepts a drifting nymph, the white of its mouth clearly visible as it takes the fly. This is the “wink under water” that G. E. M. Skues so fondly wrote about.

Success on the Madison

A Thin-Water Riser

A well-camouflaged cutthroat trout rises during a recent fall of D. coloradensis spinners.  The thin-water lie chosen by this fish allows it to feed leisurely and with little effort.  Click photo to enlarge.

Two Seconds From Being Recalled By The Manufacturer

Still, The Rod Is By Her Side

How To Arrest Time

A Way of Seeing the Sport

Cover Image

The latest issue of Northwest Fly Fishing features one of my pictures on the cover…

As I Reckon Trout Country