World Championship Results—Whitney Gould

In an earlier post, I put up a video showing Whitney Gould casting. She had driven down to West for a little last minute training before her departure for the World Championships in Norway. (The video shows her training for the accuracy event.) Those Championships are now concluded, and several people have asked about her results.

Whitney won four medals—an absolutely stellar result. Considering this is her first Championships, I think it even more impressive. In the two individual spey events, she finished with a gold and silver. In the combined event that includes shooting heads, accuracy, and 5-weight distance, she earned the bronze medal. In the overall combined event that includes the addition of the two spey events—participating in all six events that were held—she finished with the silver medal. She missed first place by a mere .2 points.

It’s the silver medal in the overall that I’m most proud of her for winning, because this is the event that showcases a caster’s true range and versatility. She put a ton of work into honing her casting skills over the last several years, and it showed in Norway. Congratulations, Whitney, I couldn’t be happier for you!

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