More From School of Trout

(Tim Romano about to subject his casting stroke to analysis by School of Trout students and instructors. Photo courtesy of Chris Hunt.)


Chris Hunt, Trout Unlimited’s digital media director, has penned another post about the recently concluded School of Trout, which you can read here: Just as the students enjoy interacting with the instructors, so too do the instructors enjoy teaching and getting to know the students. We never take for granted that folks are giving us a week of their lives, with most traveling a a great distance to attend this school. I especially like learning about each student’s motivation—what exactly brings them to School of Trout, what goals do they hope to achieve? Every instructor takes their role very seriously (if not themselves!), and we give everything we have to help every student become a better angler. If you’re serious about flyfishing, or are thinking of taking it seriously, this is a school to consider. My fellow instructors are superb teachers and anglers, and it’s an honor for me to watch and teach alongside them. 

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